Welcome to Word Jam® –  a jam session for word lovers ! Here we share our love of language, writing and word puzzles with a focus on spiritual energy by international award-winning journalist and author Renee Bes.

Renee is a journalist of 20+ years, teacher of journalism and author of bestselling books the Hawaiian A Little Book of Aloha series. Renee has walked a new path for spiritual journalism ~ weaving spirit into her writing whether it is about health, wellbeing, travel, the environment, beauty, humanity or our Earth; and hopes you will join her in discussing what matters most to modern seekers, wanderers, bohemians, gypsies, soul travellers and open-minded Earthlings who love the nature of energy and spirit.

Word Jam® is for people who feel old traditions are coming back as humanity peels back the desperate confusion of a planet in need of repair. Whether it is looking at delicious secrets of civilisation’s ancient ways of growing food, using traditional medicines, recognising the world’s children are sacred or honouring the natural energies of our Earth such as the stars, sun and moon while also acknowledging belief systems thousands of years old … here we believe you can choose your own Word Jam® to enjoy life with all your heart as is your birthright.

Word Jam® is a feel-good palette of colourful thoughts to enlighten our day and help us focus on joy.

Please join in on the discussion and join the Word Jam® facebook page.

Copyright © Word Jam®. All rights reserved


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