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Take Only The Happiness From Every Place

Take Only The Happiness From Every Place Some artists have a muse for inspiration. In Greek and Roman mythology specific muses were linked to arts, such as Erato the goddess of lyric and love poetry. Some people believe in a personal spirit guide. And others look to a god for wisdom, performing ritual and prayer to inspire creativity.

For me, it is can be an unexpected dream with extremely special words which somehow, from somewhere unknown, offers me random guidance on life and writing. The words are spoken by a nurturing  and strong female voice and I wake up serene and blessed, with the words rolling around my head for weeks. The dreams are rare – just one every few years. They are not my intuition. They come from elsewhere. I cannot conjure it – I’ve tried. And I cannot demand an answer to a question.

I can neither pretend the dreams are not real.

Notions of a spiritual or energetic presence guiding or watching over us can be considered unproven or ridiculous in a westernised world where science must prove all matter and manifestation. But for many of us, life is about undoing the doubt; healing the energy connection and side-stepping the scientific mind traps.

While I find it challenging to believe any other energy has cause to control us, even a little … I do recognise even the sun, wind or rain controls my everyday behaviour. Another person’s physical actions can influence mine. Our ancestors’ lifestyles and history built the world we live in today. Their DNA swirls inside all of us, piquing our interests and talents and looks. So why not believe in some form of universal energy guiding us, either just hinting or perhaps all the way to our destiny ?

“Take only the happiness from every place” rolled into my pillow at a time I was at a crossroads, not knowing what to do with the absolute joy I had for places, people or experiences where I now had doubt. Was I allowed to have good memories even if they were scarred ? Do I need to carry a heavy heart just because somebody else does ? Can anyone tell me who to love, what place to adore and what memories to hold strong or what to forget ?

The words made sense.

I actively choose to remember and take with me the happiness from every place. A memory without happiness, I try to leave behind. Because our memories need to be selective sometimes.

So too our beliefs. Selective enough to embrace being open-minded to a vast universe of energy gently prodding us toward joy.


This post is inspired by Kimberly Harding – the artist behind Soul Healing Art ~ I’m finally getting my blog groove back. Thank you Kimberly and to so many of you who kept asking when I planned to start writing again.

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7 thoughts on “Take Only The Happiness From Every Place

  1. Oh, I am so touched you mentioned me. I have been away from blogging world the past few days, and what joy it was to come across your comment pointing me to your new posting. I love what you wrote here, and the description of your “process”. What wise words you received- “Take only the happiness from every place.” We so need your writing, it is good to have you back! 🙂

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  2. I agree with Kimberly! I’ve stopped by your blog several times disappointed you had stopped writing. Glad you’re back to it! I completely believe we are guided on this journey. Subtle suggestions, words of insight and clarity…I experience this too! Ever since I’ve been a little girl, I’ve sensed a male presence in my life. When I was 6, I would look behind the sea foam green curtains in the living room–convinced he was there hiding. I could feel his heart reaching for mine; he always told me he loved me. I searched the house, but never found him. So I convinced myself I imagined it, but now thirty years later….I know believe I sensed the presence of one of my guides….

    Thanks for sharing your insights from beyond. Wise words, “Take only the happiness…” 🙂

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  3. What a gorgeous experience ~ children are often so in tune with the energy world. I find it harder to believe nothing exists rather than something exists. It’s a challenging topic to write about because we can so easily throw this in the fru-fru basket, but I do believe strongly in the energy of our universe. I plan to blog more about this topic especially for you Shelah 😀


    • You’re very welcome Lesley: I’ve just started reading about our ancestors in Uganda (the chimpanzees on your .com site). A fantastic site. I have no idea how you manage all of your social media and still photograph, write and produce !!


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