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Spirit Ritual #1 – Connect

Spirit Ritual 1 - Mandala - Nature's Symetry - Roadside Flowers

Welcome to Spirit Sorbet’s first Spirit Ritual.

Depending on our understanding of the term ‘ritual’ we might conjure ideas of solemn ceremonies dictated by strict rules and meaningless process.

Not here on Spirit Sorbet ! Here we redefine the beautiful uplifting gift a spiritual ritual can bring to our lives every day or even for a moment.

To me, even before working on our breath, the absolute most important part of remembering our energetics or spiritual existence ~ is to think about connection.

Our energetic being is always in connection with everything else in our universe despite often feeling depleted or shut down, so the first part of being one with our universe is to ensure we deliberately connect with full awareness.

This is free to you, any time of your life, all the time.

A connection can be going for a surf in our breathtaking ocean. Or hiking a beautiful trail. Maybe stopping to view everything in front of us.

For me it often includes daydreaming while looking at the sky and especially so if there are clouds which intoxicate my mind.

An ancient Hawaiian proverb explains it so:


Revelations are found in the clouds

So first, connect.

Connect at every moment you can to what is real. Unplugging from the walls which hide our bodies inside buildings or cars, and draw from the endless energy of nature to which we belong.


For as long as needed.

Here are some ideas to help you along:

1. Ground your feet to our Earth by walking barefoot ~ anywhere beautiful.

2. Stop, be still, inhale every beautiful scent in your garden, at the beach or inhale the pure warming sun.

3. Take a foot bath and add flower petals; sea salt; or fragrant herbs.

4. Hold a flower between your hands, so gently, concentrate on its beauty, close your eyes and think fully and deeply about its magnificence and how you are the same.

5. Play with your children, little cousins, nieces or nephews and each time they giggle with delight draw the giggles inside of you through your ears.

6. Listen to beautiful music, preferably outside, and let your body sway, sway, sway.

7. Dry brush your body carefully and slowly: concentrating on the miracle and beauty of our protective skin, our largest body organ.

8. Sit with your head in the sun until you feel the tingles on your scalp and truly communicate with this star so far away which keeps us alive.

9. If it is raining, allow the drops to fall on you ~ what better massage is there.

10. Be still. Feel the layers of energy outside of your body: sense each new layer further afield yet a part of you also and notice when each layer of energy connects to everything else.


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