Spirit Sorbet

Learn From Our Differences

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Welcome to Spirit Sorbet !

This is a beautiful new blog I am SO excited to share with everyone around the world.

Spirit Sorbet has just one purpose: to take the best of spiritual offerings from all cultures and belief systems and allow people to choose what resonates. So many planet Earthlings are spiritual seekers, wanderers, bohemians and gypsies with no fixed belief system. It is time we embrace our own individual spirit sorbets and include only what tastes good to us each as individuals.

Please take a huge helping of the articles and inspirational quotes I have created using pretty pastels to make sure your spiritual journey is deliciously uplifting and nurtures your heart, your mind, your physical body and your ethereal spirit in the most treasured ways.

Please note: there is no fixed menu at spirit sorbet: just a kaleidoscope of sweet offerings that change daily. But if you do wish to see a new spirit sorbet discussed please send me a note on the contact page.


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